Why should you register your domain name with BTN Design?

  • We do the work – we register your domain name, set or update DNS server information and configure email boxes and/or forwarding for your account.
  • Pay one bill – if you host with us, we combine your hosting fees, domain name renewals and website maintenance fees into one invoice.
  • Peace of mind – your domain name is secure. We lock all domain names and offer ID Protection to guard your privacy and help reduce spam.


Domain Name Registration fee – Annual Fee $19.00
ID Protection – Annual Fee $3.00
IMPORTANT: If you are not hosted with us, your hosting service may charge an initial fee and/or additional monthly charges to add a domain name to your website. You must contact them directly to, both to confirm their policies and to provide the DNS information requested below.


Check domain name availability

  • Please check availability using the link above.
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